Thursday, October 21, 2010

meet garbanzo

Aaron and I carved pumpkins with some friends last weekend. Neither of us have ever really had an amazing time carving pumpkins. Yes, the activity is fun, but it is rarely topped off with a feeling of accomplishment with the final result.

This time was different. We spent probably a whole 10 minutes throwing ridiculous ideas back and forth of what to carve. Tony the Tiger? No, too hard. A baseball player winding up to bat? also pretty hard. A stiletto heel with a bat sitting on it? A possibility, but we thought we could do better.

By some sort of inspiration, Aaron claims I made a noise like a fetus. The idea of a fetus was golden, and I immediately went to work drawing a fetus on the newspaper we had spread out. Thank you anatomy and Body Worlds for giving me plenty of images of the little aliens.

The idea was golden. We also had the plan to do the infamous "shaving" technique, which also greatly enhanced our fetus pumpkin. I drew, Aaron shaved, and it was the best pumpkin carving experience yet.

Meet Garbanzo...

The experience was also enhanced due to the delicious pumpkin seeds Ryan King made. Toasted, caramelized, and sprinkled in sugar and pumpkin pie spice. Mmmmm...

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  1. If you guys actually name your first kid 'garbanzo' you will be entered into 'Ryan King's Best of the Hall of Fame' Hall of Fame.