Monday, October 25, 2010

live bands tonight!

Aaron had the chance to play at a local music venue in Provo called Velour--and this isn't just the corner coffee shop. My cousin Melanie's fiance is an aspiring young musician (keep your eyes open for Beau Stephenson), but he decided he needed a band to back him up. Thanks to my wedding reception, Beau met Ryan King, who is Aaron's faithful musician companion from the freshman dorms, and they enjoyed playing music together. They lined up a show at Velour for this last Saturday night. They really only had about 3 hours of rehearsal time all together with Aaron and their impromptu guitarist, Collin, but they sounded really great! Of course, I'm probably a bit biased, seeing as I'm in love with the drummer, the singer/bassists/guitarist/pianist is one of my best friends, and the other singer/guitarist/pianist/ukulele player will soon be a member of my extended family. Even without all the connections, you could tell they were all really talented musicians because they would randomly start improvise jamming while others were switching instruments and cords and such.

I tried to take pictures of my drummer husband, but he so easily hides behind his drum set...There he is, hiding behind his symbols. And that's Beau rocking it out on the ukulele.Ryan is singing the song he wrote about Aaron and I freshmen year. It was a crucial part of our wooing story.I think that's the best picture I got of Aaron...a blurry one. He wouldn't hold still!They really were amazing, and it looks like they have another show to play in a couple weeks! My Aaron will become a rock star...

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