Sunday, April 19, 2015

18 months!


18 Months

(How can I even keep up with all the new things Elsie knows how to say and do!?)

--Words: "mouse", "house", "moose", "shoes", "juice", "bath", "blueberries", "cheese", "socks", "tights", "hat", "kitty", "doggie", "daddy", "mommy", "eat", "milk", "dirty", "potty", "poo poo", "pee pee", "sneeze", "nose", "eyes", "duck", "baby", "blue", "pink", "balls", "more", "help me", "bird", "bow", "boy", "glasses", "happy"... and lots more thing.

--New signs: "banana", "ice cream", "laugh", 'happy", "sad", "cry", "rain", "airplane", "hurt", "lion", "cold", "hot", "apple", "bread", "cracker", "mommy", "daddy", "flower", "tree", "bird", "duck", "cereal", "dry", "wet", "read", "soap", "dirty", "clean", "help me", "boy", "girl"...and probably some others I am forgetting.

--Teeth count: 7.25

--She created her own sign for "phone".

--She has used her little potty a handful of times.

--She likes to peel stickers off of things, twist lids and caps off of things, open all the drawers, dump out all of her bows or Gramma's rubberbands, dump out the contents of her bowl of food. She is great at mess-making.

--She loves to climb on everything--she can get all the way on top of our table without any help.

--She basically doesn't eat anything except cream of wheat and bread.

--She gets really excited when we make jaaaaaaah-ooooze.

--She is addicted to technology, Flappy Bird, and Signing Time--not the baby version anymore.

--She only likes coloring with the blue crayon that doesn't have its wrapper anymore.

--She likes to try to do things by herself--like go up and down stairs, put on clothes, blow her nose, and brush her teeth.

--She is taking shorter and shorter naps and I am very much not ready for that.

--She has started sometimes giving 5 second hugs--arms wrapped around and all. It's pretty glorious.

**UPDATED: I forgot two very important words in Elsie's vocabulary--"night-night" and "sneaky" :)

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