Friday, December 19, 2014

elsie: 14 months

14 months

--She is a walker! This past week, especially, she is totally done with crawling. She can walk wherever she wants, even out of the photo set :)

--She has three, almost four teeth! Finally the bottom two appeared, followed by one and top, and the other top middle is on the brink. If you ask her where her teeth are, she usually gets very shy, but happily points to her mouth. 

--She is getting sillier everyday. She likes to stick her spoon in her mouth and hold it in the air with no hands. She also pulls a good trick when I'm feeding her from a spoon--she will open her mouth really wide, I will stick the spoon in, and then she just doesn't close her mouth. That makes us laugh. 

--She really enjoys her belly button, and gets a bit confused when she is in an outfit that can't be pulled up to expose that little outie.

--Her signing vocabulary has grown and become refined. She finally learned "more", and has really perfected the twisting-wrist motion for "all done". She also knows potty--but not in the "I need to go potty way", but the "Hey mom, you are on the potty" way. I guess that's still a good step!

--Her speaking vocabulary is still limited to "doggie", "daddy", and "mama". She really likes trying to say "vacuum" though.

--She has become a uni-napper. The transition to get there was pretty muddy, but it's great now!

--She is a technology addict already. When she wants an iPhone, nothing else will appease her.

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