Wednesday, June 18, 2014

elsie: 8 months

Thanks Aunt Kaili for this amazingly cute outfit! I don't think I caught any smiles in this bunch, but these pictures are pretty accurate of Elsie--always exploring, always moving. 

And my camera battery ran out after only 47 pictures! So a few are iPhone shots :)

Check out those pointed toes!

8 months

--She's making serious advancements in the crawling department. She can travel pretty far if left to her own devises, but it's not really straight up crawling quite yet.

--She likes to walk around, especially if there is a hug at the end of the journey, she just needs a little stability help.

--She loves trying to stand up. If you sit on the floor, you become her jungle gym. She has been seen standing up in her crib, screaming at the door until someone comes to get her :)

--Her fine motor skills are also developing. She is starting to get better at putting Cheerios in her mouth, instead of up her nose, on her chin, or mostly, in her lap.

--She loves pointing. She often has her pointer fingers out. If not, than her hands might become crab claws, opening and closing at you.

--I think giving suckerfish kisses has become a game, but she is selective who she gives them too. I am the winner and often get quite slobbery. Aaron gets a few here and there, along with a few choice others, I think.

--She is starting to get stranger anxiety, or more like anyone but mom anxiety.

--She flew on an airplane for the second time--to Arizona to visit Uncle Ryan, Aunt Kim, Uncle Dave, and Aunt Adrienne. And Roger and Me (cats). Yet again, she was a champ on the plane.

--She likes to eat paper.

--She loves being outside.

--She loves animals.

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