Friday, August 23, 2013

blitz room makeover

When my mom was visiting Utah for my dance show at the end of June, I had just recently decided to rearrange our living room. The results were disastrous. Our beige walled living room with beige carpet and greyish-beige couch with orangey colored pillows just looked awful in the new configuration.

I am so sick of beige--it is the go-to color of all Utah interiors, it seems. Sure, we are in a rental, but come on people!

The impetus for this move was the prospect of at some point, some way, getting two large leather chairs that previously lived in my dad's office in Madison. We didn't know how we were going to get them out to Provo, but I was starting to plan for it.

Anyways, when my mom was out, we started dreaming and designing things in our minds. We started looking for color inspiration, and went off to some fabric stores to find fabric inspiration to pull all the colors together that we were thinking of.

Then we went to Pier 1 Imports and decided to just buy it all. Ha. Blitz Room Makeover.

Unfortunately, I am struggling to find any "Before" photos... though I am sure I posted some once upon a time when we moved here.

The "After" photos are better anyways, right?! Our motto was "MORE COLOR!"

Oh, and now that WE OWN THIS PLACE (as of today), there will hopefully be many more upgrades and makeovers to come!

And in case your curiosity is killing you, we did, in fact, get the chairs out to Provo, thanks to some Madison friends. They are big and tan :) We've found some pretty good spots for them, though.

My eye is now turned to the baby room...

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